Collective Freedom Farms

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Our Collective Freedom Farms guarantee individuals, families, and communities access to grow, produce, cultivate, purchase, and distribute nourishing produce and plant-based food products, all while supporting cooperative agriculture. This goal teaches families to be self-sufficient, as well as advances the spirit of prosperity; producing natural holistic food and medicine. We use modern farming methods such as vertical gardens, hydroponics, and fractional farming to ensure that no family goes hungry and every individual receives brain and body-positive food choices and water to enhance performance, vitality, and quality of life.



  1. Farmhand                         $1000 x 400

1st hand team player who receives series of holistic natural wellness books

  1. Trailblazer                          $2750 x 60

Innovator who believes in the mission who supports a section of the community.

iii. Influencer                                                                                        $3800 x 40

Recognized individuals who support collective wellness and promote natural products

  1. Premiere Associate $4650 x 32

Grow, Harvest, and Sell through our various distribution methods.

  1. Fractional Farming Buy-In $8500 x 20

A Farming Interest that offers dedicated flex time to enjoy community amenities and crop share.


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