International Wellness Resort

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The International Wellness Resort includes a virtual wellness center for international distribution in an online portal that combines video-on-demand and live-video coaching and appointments. Visitors will experience synergistic wellness principles with rejuvenation, revitalization, dietary, strengthening, and flexibility activities, including meals, supplements, lessons, equipment, and tools that support inner peace and homeostasis to elevate individuals and their family’s lifestyles. Delivery will be available to sync products, services, and experiences that enhance and improve the lives of the participant.

WELLNESS RESORT FUND                                                    $2.625M

  1. Supporters                                                                        1000 x $500

Website recognition for their personal or business platform 1 year

ii.Tribe                                                                                     500 x $1000

Tribe member who gets digital network benefits

iii. Influencers                                                                         250 x $2500

Individuals or companies seeking product affiliation and opportunities for increased exposure

  1. Community Leaders                                                 100 x $5000

Those who share expertise and insights regarding community improvements and innovations

  1. Executive Council                                                            50 x $10000

Network members who spearhead campaigns that support the initiatives


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