Wellness Stores, Farmacy, and Cafes

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Our Wellness Farmacies, Cafés, and Natural Food Stores will provide various organic options and classes for wellness lifestyle products, including equipment, herbal remedies, medicinal, and food products that are organically produced for healthy results.

Project Thrive’s stores will feature products and services produced by the Project’s Contributors, Members,

Vendors, Sponsors, Thought Leaders, and Community Partners that demonstrate a dedication to Conscious and Ethical Business Practices.

Wellness Farmacy, Café, & Natural Food Market            

Influencer                                                                               100 x $2500

Influential people who have priority status at our eateries. They also earn a commission on referred sales and their faces are featured on our digital wall of influencers.

Brand Affiliate                                                                       100 x $2500

Influential Brands that work as Marketing Partners. They also earn a commission on referred sales and their logos are featured on our digital wall of brand affiliates.

Vendor                                                                                   100 x $3500

Product and service suppliers who create or natural or organic products and services for physical distribution on site. These vendors will be specially highlighted as community leaders and included in WPN Events.

Supplier                                                                                  25 x $5000

Highlighted Distributor who provides products or services direct from manufacturer for online / domestic distribution.


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