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Striving to make a difference by building opportunities to build wealth that serve humanity’s natural desires and universal rights.

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World Wealth Bank

World Wealth Bank acts as an international funding portal for holistic and educational projects. World Wealth Bank makes it very simple to financially support platforms, peers, and programs that focus on community wellness, safe spaces, and fundamental education of wellness practices, principles, and knowledge including horticulture, herbology, aromatherapy, organic agriculture and much more though crowdfunding platforms, peer to peer lending, and strategic grants. 

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World Wealth Bank supports individuals and entrepreneurs whose creative projects may not qualify for funding at traditional banks via peer to peer funding and grant platforms. Many alternative fundraising platforms as well have strict regulations regarding health and fitness projects, products, and untested technology.

World Wealth Bank believes that humanity has the creative and strategic power to work together innovatively to harness and support the wellness industry and its holistic initiatives that support self-care and affordable health solutions.

World Wealth Bank partners with dozens of brands collaboratively to position itself as a primary catalyst for progressive change in the wellness industry and as a proactive funding platform supporting diverse agendas that can benefit from an incubator, accelerator.

World Wealth Bank is launching an aggressive relationship campaign that will include venture capitalists, angel investors, as well as those who want to back like-minded agendas while sponsoring low risk, attractive, transparent, and community-driven projects that can potentially produce healthy returns, equity rewards, and substantial growth.

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